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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Toyota Corolla DX Racing Retro Style

Toyota Corolla DX Racing Retro Style - Retro car of choice to accompany Hermoyo (30) wherever he goes. Men who Baloenk community affiliation Little Navan flow is vintage enthusiasts. Toyota Corolla DX 1982 series frame KE70R choice.

Not satisfied with the standard view, he then restoring lawasanya car rally with a touch of aura.

Before polishing mount, Hermoyo been determined not to leave the impression of retro elegance. Behind racing style exterior, the inside of elegant and bright interiors.

What is interesting is the inside of the car Hermoyo original interior which is quite rare. According to information, there are only three in Indonesia, namely in Navan owned Hermoyo own, in Bandung and Bogor. Source by!

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