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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Noise disturbed in the Car, Use Sound Protection Otogard

Noise disturbed in the Car, Use Sound Protection Otogard - Comfort is an important component of a person when the car up. Sometimes when you run the car noise caused by sand and a number of components under the car very disturbing ride comfort,
To address the problem, you can rely on the products of Otogard which has proven its ability, Sound Protection. Products made in the country and this has been proven to reduce the noise in your car up to 40 percent.

"Sound Protection uses a thick layer of useful and powerful to muffle the sound coming from the wheels and the underside of the vehicle. With it, interfering noise will be reduced 20-40%," said Yepi, Area Supervisor of Otogard. See also : Tips to Recognize Matic Car Steering System.

In the installation, the car owner will not wait long, because it only takes 2-3 hours, and you will get comfort in driving as reduced noise arising from transmission, axle and tire friction sound street clash too small objects on the bottom of the car you are.

For the price, you are guaranteed not to be dug deep into your pockets, because it only takes R1, 1 million to R1, 5 million alone depending on the model and size of the car. So if you want to feel the comfort while driving, use a Sound Protection of Otogard. 
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