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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Paul Walker Death Not Due to Technical Problems in the Porsche GT

Paul Walker Death Not Due to Technical Problems in the Porsche GT - Final investigation of the death of Paul Walker concluded that the incident happened not because of the ferocity Porsche GT engine. This is related to previous rumors that Porsche GT car declared illegal. But the experts, from Porsche and Michelin, stating there is no mechanical faults on the car.

"These two guys (Paul Walker and driver Roger Rodas) under conditions of wearing safety belts. Airbag was inflated as it should. No mechanical problems that led to this incident," the report said, as quoted by CNN.

As reported, Paul Walker in the final of the Porsche GT was pronounced dead at a speed of 149 km / hour. This speed was considered small for the size of the sports car. But actually it is far exceeding the maximum speed on road rules that he went through.

The maximum speed on the road in the city actually is 72 km / hour. The event itself took place in Santa Clarita, California, which is an office area.

- Blurring The Monster

Mechanical errors when viewed in the above is indeed the case. But from the beginning, there was recognition of some consumers that the Porsche provide some sort of warning letter regarding the 'wildness' of Porsche after the consumer buys this car.

Note accident involving this car was not a little. The statement that there is no mechanical fault was as if the 'obscure' Default font 'monster' that even if there is no mechanical faults, this is still a very wild car need special control.

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