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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Caring for and Maintaining Health Leather Seat

Caring for and Maintaining Health Leather Seat - Maintain cleanliness of vehicle is one way to improve ride comfort. Seat did not escape into one of the components that must be kept clean. Not only the seats are components that come into direct contact with the rider, who rarely cared seat at risk of damage that may be difficult to repair. The skin becomes one of the people's choice at this time for use as upholstery materials. Leather seats do look more elegant and luxurious than other materials. However, leather upholstery requires special care and handling to stay awake appearance.

Caring for and Maintaining Health Leather Seat

To clean leather seats, you need the following items, namely a vacuum cleaner, water absorbent cloth, leather special cleaning fluids, lotions for the skin material and water. Cleaning fluid to the skin can be found in various shops cleaners. However, you can also make the liquid, ie by mixing vinegar and linseed oil. The first step is to test the cleaning fluid. Pour a bit of cleaning fluid in the seat on the not-so-aesthetically. Then see the reaction that occurs, whether the fluid affect the leather seats. If the effect would damage the skin, you should look for another cleaning fluid.

After checking, you can begin to clean up the dirt on the seat. Can be done by using a vacuum cleaner. Make sure to clean all the parts are hidden. Take a rag that has been soaked in water, then wipe the surface of the seat to remove the debris. See also : Tips on Caring Shockbreaker.

Continue to dry the seat using a clean cloth, then apply a special cleaning fluid skin. Do not pour liquids into the seat, do the wipes moistened with cleaning fluid. This prevents the leather upholstery was damaged by chemicals exposed too long. It is advisable to apply as per section were then immediately cleaned with a clean cloth. Last is applying protective lotion for the skin material. The aim of this lotion ingredients keep skin moist, so it is not easily damaged or broken. Skin enemy is heat, where the heat will dry out the skin so that the risk of causing damage such as cracked even change color.
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