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Monday, August 25, 2014

Custom Honda SS 1967 Classic Futuristic

Custom Honda SS 1967 Classic Futuristic - Home modifications Bandit9 EVE Concept mix with classic design futuristic yet flavorful. Bandit9 utilize Honda alerts SS Concept EVE 1967 as a base, and in the hands of origin bulider Beijing became artistic merit.

Honda SS 1967

Bandit9 seems to just take the engine alone. Frame is made new, made ​​his whole body is shiny chrome.

Her body looks like balllpoint unique elongated with tapering rear end. The seats are also designed uniquely and suspension models exposed (open) which screw looks.

Handlebar and muffler custom blended interest. In order to strengthen the alloy wheels accent the classic radius of choice.

If you are interested, Bandit9 started to open online booking for $ 4600. Just click ^_^
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