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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Tips to Recognize circuit Matic machine

Tips to Recognize circuit Matic machine - Typical auto matic transmission is different from the manual. Primarily of a series of gears that they have. In this case, auto matic require more maintenance than manual generation. Therefore, it is important for car owners to understand the parts and engine components for preventing and treating machines.

Tips to Recognize circuit Matic machine

The first stage can be seen from the engine matic Automatic Transmission Fluid is. In the gearbox there matic machine useful liquid to lubricate engine Automatic Transmission Fluid is called (ATF).

In general, this ATF Sagat useful to help shift gears and also tighten the clutch. Therefore, this machine components become one matic machine components that must be replaced periodically in each treatment.

The next component is called the slip clutch. Of this device, we know also about the damage that might occur in car-matic. Usually can be felt when there is an imbalance between the engine and the speed of rotation. See also : Trick Stop Cars on the Road Rise with Hand Brake.

Loud roaring engine should show the car drove at a speed that tends to rise. But, if in fact the opposite is the case it means damage to the machine. References :!
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