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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Yamaha R25 'Tantalize' because DXers Designed Motor

Yamaha R25 'Tantalize' because DXers Designed Motor - Yamaha R25 is not just displayed as a 250 cc bike in general. There are a number of things to offer, mainly because of the features, engine, design, and others that look more 'lucrative'. Two cylinder engine alone. Speedometer has three advanced features include reminders for routine service. Many parts can be reset, otherwise it will release Yamaha support devices such as ECU Daytona.

This is not because the motor was designed by those who are also motorcycle hobby so that products made even one mind with prospective customers. "Friends who participated in designing the R25 bikes this is the same person who had the world in the field of motorcycles. Therefore, they can understand and apply passionnya in this R25 motor design," said Raditya, Brand and Product Strategic Staff PT Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing.

R25 is also interesting because there are a number of functions that are taken into account, including the 'air duct' which inspired the M1 Valentino Rossi. Therefore, with all the interesting features of the case with matters related to mechanical, motors worth USD 53 million on-the road to be interesting.
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