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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Quick Tricks When Cornering Maneuver at Racetrack

Quick Tricks When Cornering Maneuver at Racetrack - Yamaha Racing Academy (YRA) stage 3 back rolling with at the end of this August. A number of riders have been directed by various means, including the trick of maneuver in the face of the bend. Supriyanto, Yamaha Motorsport Manager, said that the decision to turn the position into a bike lock how to maneuver quickly.

Cornering at Racetrack

"Cornerning shape S. He's had to take which point the fastest. Ngambil If in the middle, or take some take some tricks from the outside in, much faster than the outside to the inside."

However, the trick maneuver that must be accompanied by a calculation of the power output of motorcycles, as well as a safe but fast movement. "With a safe and fast way. Technique that is supposed to be learned," he added. Finally, Yamaha Racing team performed exceptionally Indonesia won the Suzuka 4 Hours Endurance Race held at the Suzuka circuit.

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This achievement enhance the results of the previous day when Team B Pairs Sudarmono and Sigit PD successfully took pole position, and this is the first time a non-Japanese participants can achieve that. Yamaha Indonesia Racing Team B Sudarmono and Sigit PD worked out as the runner-up with a time of 4 hours 28.329 seconds.
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