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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Conditions Know Tips Car Engine Oil Through Color

Conditions Know Tips Car Engine Oil Through Color - The physical condition of the car can be seen directly, but not to the state of the engine. It can also be heard on the sound or smoke is coming out. But it was not necessarily able to confirm the specific conditions of the engine. If so, just look at the condition of the existing engine with oil to see colors that appear when make the changes. With this of course can be seen also, is there any possibility of damage to the engine, especially on the cylinder header.

Indeed, to test this oil has been provided a specific tool, so it is easily demonstrated that valid results. But of course you have to go to the garage to do it. Tool to test this oil is called Cylinder LeakageTester (SLT).

But, for those of you who might want to save money, there are certainly other ways that are easier to see the color of the oil from the cylinder header. There are 3 kinds of color possibilities that will emerge, yellowish brown, black and solid white. If oil comes out yellowish brown, new means your car a distance of about 1000-2000 km. With the typical colors like this, the car can still be said to be healthy and normal no damage.

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If oil has been colored black, there are two possibilities that occur in cars. It could be a new car to travel very far. It could also, rare oil is changed or there is no possibility of damage to the engine. If you find this hala, it's good to mengecekkan your car to the garage. Lastly, if the oil is white, it means that the oil has been mixed with water. If you like this, then it is likely there is something wrong with your machine. Immediately consult your car to a repair shop if you do not want to spend a fortune to further damage. Thanks otosia!
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