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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Honda Cielo Elegant Shown with Style Stance

Honda Cielo Elegant Shown with Style Stance - Stance embodies a stylish look, the 1994 Honda Accord Cielo owned Dennise Kusnadi faces made to look fashionable and elegant. Selection stance, according to Dennise is a style that is suitable for young children. In addition to a stylish look with a flat car, an elegant impression can be achieved. Not only after the display alone, the man who lives in Palembang is quite focused and ambitious to embed components used in the mount.

"The theme that I took the OEM JDM Cielo. Course needed to complete this theme is not a short time, because of the difficulty of finding the components as you wish," he explained. Unmitigated, Dennise incorporated in the Accord Club Indonesia took four years to modify the vehicle he used daily. Dennise not forget to indulge himself by filling his car into a multimedia device. Display significant concern, but her driving comfort remains the primary goal even look extreme.

While there are many sectors kitchen runway blended. Denise only display a few components that can improve performance. In addition, the airways become his attention to the better performance of the engine as well as durable. Although somewhat older car, just a little restoration on some parts especially body paint. Dennise was giving little touches that stand out such as the use of side skirts and ducktail-style spoiler.

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Pursuing a sense of comfort, Dennise pinned to the ceiling upholstery suede and leather in some parts. MB-Tech soft color to be chosen to coat the interior. To add a fashionable impression and racing, he made ​​changes to the accessory sweeteners such as on the steering wheel and pedals.

While multimedia devices from Pioneer became her choice. This is evident from the audio brand dominance in besutannya. To maximize performance, the trunk does not go unnoticed. The game seemed in tune with the LED lights are pinned multimedia devices. Furthermore, the legs become an important part of that style stance can be realized. Cars made ​​possible by using the seceper Kit Lowering the classic style combined with wheels measuring 17 inches. Thank's Otosia!
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