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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Crowned Best City Car, Here Excess Kia Morning

Crowned Best City Car, Here Excess Kia Morning - Coming to the end of 2014, PT Kia Mobil Indonesia (KMI) are happy, because one of the latest products of its flagship 1.0 Kia Morning has won two awards as the Best City Car of mobilmotor and Autobild magazine. In the event the best car elections held by both automotive magazines in the country, Morning managed to be the best by seeing other brands in the city car segment.

Crowned Best City Car, Here Excess Kia Morning

Morning success to be the best in class urban car is being supported by some of the technology, design and features that have been modern. Thanks to the cold hands of Peter Schreyer, Morning design has led to the design of vehicles in European countries.

Kia Morning equipped 1.0-liter engine, Dual CVVT DOHC engine that produces power and a maximum of 69 PS at 6200 rpm and torque of 9.6 kg m at engine speed of 3,500 rpm. According Arifani Prabowo, Product Development Manager KMI, although only carry small engine capacity of 1,000 cc that, but thanks to technology Dual CVVT Morning bears make more powerful and fuel-efficient.

In addition to performance and design seeded Kia Morning is a quieter cabin space. The driver or passengers certainly will not be disturbed by the sound of the engine and sound inclinations derived from other vehicles. "It's all thanks to the use of three layers of silencers on the dashboard and two layers of rubber door," said Arifani.

Crowned Best City Car, Here Excess Kia Morning

The driver of the Kia Morning also pampered with features that promote comfort in driving. Among others, Tilt Steering Wheel, where the driver can adjust themselves according to the desired position of the steering wheel. Coupled with Motor Driven Power Steering, which makes Morning increasingly stable at high speeds.

Peter Schreyer Morning designing more stylish interior design as well as providing comfort and ease to reach the various instruments on the dashboard. Speedometer combined with complete modern cluster with trip computer that will provide info distance traveled and fuel consumption.

The presence of Kia Morning is coming no frills LCGC. With a tag of Rp. 128.000.000, the price may be called at a relatively comfortable in the pocket. (otosia)
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