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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Lincoln MKX grabs page from MKC

Lincoln MKX grabs page from MKC - Lincoln MKX redesigned unveiled today much the same formula to a successful first year for crossover MKC and applies a larger whole, at a time when commercial vehicles booming. Lincoln MKX says will arrive in US dealerships this fall, followed by China and other markets. The outside, where his chief designer described as "less wedgy" first generation MKX, similar to that of the MKC.
Lincoln MKX grabs page from MKC

Inside, the MKX includes two new Black Label custom themes and the first high-end car audio system Revel trademark of Harman International, as part of a new 10-year partnership with Lincoln.

This is the first Lincoln a number of technologies, including adaptive management, support pre-crash and provide a camera 360 degrees. A front camera puts if needed behind a retractable badge Lincoln star in the center of the split-wing grille.

"We focus on delivering engagement and refined luxury vehicles with innovative technology and thoughtful," Kumar Galhotra, President Lincoln said in a statement. "The new Lincoln MKX reflects this orientation."

Lincoln MKX grabs page from MKC

Lincoln has not announced a price. A 300-hp, 3.7-liter V-6 engine is standard, with the option of a 330-hp, 2.7-liter twin-turbocharged EcoBoost V-6. Both engines are mated to a six-speed automatic transmission, said Lincoln, Intelligent AWD option.

improvement of the management

Lincoln said rear suspension and integral link improvements in the bodywork and chassis give the MKX better handling and a quieter interior than its predecessor. Optional Lincoln Drive Control, a set of round-enhancing features, improves performance in different driving conditions.

Adaptive management, a Ford Technology announced last year, reduced the distance a driver must turn the wheel at low speeds for easy maneuvering in parking lots and similar situations. The MKX, as MKC offers parking parallel and perpendicular and park assist, which automatically is the vehicle in tight parking spaces.

Options include: 22-way adjustable front seats with the help of 11 air bladders to reduce muscle fatigue in the legs and lower back. The seats have a power headrest and capital appreciation of the thigh, and thigh bolsters that automatically empties them out of the vehicle easier and swells after the driver or passenger gets.

MKX improves packet lighting MKC and comfort features Lincoln said experiments.

"Welcome Mat"

As a driver with the key fob approaches, lower LED daytime running lights up gradually, a "welcome mat" is projected on the floor folded side mirrors and lighting in the door handles, in coordination with the exterior color, come on. Interior light on and goes out sequentially rather than all at once.

"It embraces you and welcomes you in the right vehicle," said Elaine Bannon, chief engineer of the program for the MKX. "We have to offer at no cost details of luxury customers expect spared."

When the upgrade Revel sound system, buyers can choose between the system 13 speakers on the Select and reserve trimmings or 19-speaker version Revel Ultima, which is the standard editions Black Label and an option on the Trim reserve.

Four Black Label themes are available, including two new Lincoln says that were inspired by Paris in 1920 and thoroughbred horse racing. Black Label is new Lincoln program offers high-end equipment levels and improved customer service to certain dealers at a cost of about $ 6000. Four themes of Black Label, including "Indulgence" and "modern heritage" were previously announced.

"This vehicle is a harbinger of future success of Lincoln," Matt DeLorenzo, editor Kelley Blue Book, said in a statement. "If it's as well received as the MKC, this mid-sized crossover will help build sales momentum as required by Lincoln and is an important element in terms of long-term product of the division."

The MKX comes a few months later than the second generation Ford Edge, which shares its underpinnings. MKX sales in the US then lost the demand for MKC driveway until last year. MKC finished just behind the MKX 263 sales in the second half of the year and reached 600 units short of the most popular model Lincoln in the fourth quarter.

But then comes the new MKX, Matt VanDyke, director of Global Lincoln, said the two crossings can peacefully coexist. "We believe we can play very effective in both segments with very little impact on the other," he said in an interview.

Important role in China

The MKX will be an important tool for Lincoln in China and the United States. Lincoln opened its first dealerships in China in November, and he kept customer research clinics both there and in the US as part of the development of the concept MKX introduced last year in Beijing. The exterior of the production version is almost identical to the concept.

Lincoln MKX grabs page from MKC
Lincoln aims for annual sales of 300,000 vehicles between the US and China to reach 2020, the MKX and MKC represent a significant proportion. Lincoln company expects average to 36 percent of the global increase utility luxury market to 44 percent in 2018, citing IHS Automotive projections. In the US, sales of crossovers premiums rose by 9.1 percent in 2014, according to the Automotive News Data Center, but sales rose only 0.3 percent MKX.
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