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Sunday, January 11, 2015

VW readies crossover blitz to help revive U.S. fortunes

VW readies crossover blitz to help revive U.S. fortunes -  DETROIT - Volkswagen SUV and crossover mobilizes offensive in the coming years to strengthen its presence in the fast-growing segments and revive sagging US sales of VW brand.

A long wheelbase Tiguan filter mounted in North America, the US market will come in 2017, Volkswagen CEO Martin Winterkorn said in a note on delivering today.

The Tiguan will set the new redesigned midsize crossover to follow to begin production in late 2016 at the VW plant in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

VW readies crossover blitz to help revive U.S. fortunesWinterkorn also suggested a crossover coupe-style can reach us by the range of VW, based on the Plug-in Hybrid Concept Cross Coupe GTE debut at the Detroit Auto Show Monday.

At this time, Winterkorn in his speech, "Volkswagen will be the best and most attractive SUV portfolio ever in US showrooms."

The Volkswagen Group sold 10.14 million vehicles in 2014, including commercial vehicles, a gain of 4.2 percent from 9.73 million in 2013, the company also announced today. It was the first time that VW global sales of more than 10 million vehicles, according to the company.

"This is an impressive confirmation we vigorously implement our Strategy 2018," Winterkorn said in a statement about the 2014 global sales of VW.

VW readies crossover blitz to help revive U.S. fortunes

Great goal remains fixed

The SUV blitz is part of the $ 7000000000 investment in North America, Volkswagen is planning to fund 2019 for new vehicles, and production technologies, Winterkorn said.

In July, VW announced plans to develop a North American center of the design and the development of the vehicle opening 200 in Chattanooga engineer vehicles adapted for North America. And VW executives rely on the new crossover range for a power reversal from 2016, and followed by a midsize car redesigned Passat is expected to arrive in 2018 as a 2019 model.

For now, the crosses are very fragile in the United States range of Volkswagen, which is dominated by cars. His current two crossovers - the Tiguan and Touareg - were hampered by their market prices steep sticker and increased competition.

Meanwhile, two bestsellers - the compact class sedan Passat and Jetta - saw sales slip last year, making Volkswagen far behind the pace of his one-time goal to sell 800,000 vehicles in the US in 2018 the sales of the Volkswagen brand has slipped from 10 percent to 366 970 units in 2014, their second consecutive year of decline.

Despite the setbacks, Winterkorn reiterated the purpose of the US sales of the VW Group to 1 million units in 2018, with the fast-growing brands Audi and Porsche can get a lot of play in the VW brand.

"The big goal remains firm: In 2018, we want to offer a million vehicles per year in this market," he said in prepared remarks.

Design "ambassador"

Besides the reference to a new model, the Cross Coupe concept GTE VW marks the next stage in the VW design language. The concept was seen at a VW event on Sunday for his Monday morning was the Detroit auto.

"The Cross Coupe GTE is the ambassador of a new design developed by Volkswagen for the United States," Klaus Bischoff, chief designer of VW, said in a statement released before the Detroit Auto Show. "many details hint at how we see a future production model SUV in North America."

Bischoff said the concept combines high efficiency and "powerful design" with the space, performance and comfort that seek American drivers. It follows two earlier drafts announcement of the midsize crossover to Chattanooga and "increases tempo of mass production," says VW.

Like the previous concepts and Cross Blue Cross Blue Cup presented in 2013, Cross Coupe GTE mounts modular transverse matrix VW, or "MQB" platform tools that will support a large part of the range of US VW, starting with the new Golf is sales last year.

An almost 191 cm long, 80 cm wide and 68.3 cm high, the cross coupé GTE is as large as the Toyota Highlander - a central segment contender - while about 5 inches wider.

The grille concept marks an evolution of existing crossings VW faces, with two horizontal bars undergirding the VW badge and flows into the dual LED headlight housing that sits above formed bands wings of daytime running LED - a detail that will appear in future production models, VW said.

Sheet is marked by giving a high shoulder line, swept-back A-style, low roof and closed C-style corner with the crossover a fastback roofline style.

VW readies crossover blitz to help revive U.S. fortunes

10.1-inch touchscreen

The interior features a 10.1-inch touch screen mounted in the dashboard is a new VW infotainment system that can be controlled using gesture recognition technology, a feature that Volkswagen presented earlier week at the Consumer Electronics Show International CES.

Under the hood of the Cross Coupe GTE is a plug-in hybrid powertrain that combines a 276 hp 3.6-liter narrow-angle V-6 with electric motors front and rear wheels that generate a combined maximum of 355 hp return an estimated 70 mpg VW fuel equivalent rating, the company said.

VW says that readers drivetrain concept hybrid mode using standard electric motors of the front and rear wheels with the aid of V-6, depending on the current situation. The transition to "E-Mode" in an EV changes with 20 miles of beach in the electric drive alone.

A "GTE" button adjusts the sportier settings management response, transmission and throttle for a more dynamic and defines gasoline and electric engines to the maximum output, says VW. (
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