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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Honda Cars happiest in Indonesia

Honda Cars happiest in IndonesiaFour cars Honda awarded the special award "happiest Car Brand" by one of the national media (4/3) ago. From the results of Happiness Index Driving (IKB), four products of Honda earned the highest score in the survey "Driving Happiness Index" which has been carried out by the media.

Honda Cars happiest in Indonesia

 Honda Cars happiest in Indonesia

Fourth Honda products that achieve the highest results of IKB Honda Jazz, Honda Brio, Honda Freed and New Honda City. The award was obtained by Honda Jazz after obtaining the highest index score compared to its competitors, 59.26 in the category of Mid-hatchback.

Cars happiest in Indonesia

Honda Brio get the highest index of 57.96 in the Small category Hatchback. In the minivan category, Honda Freed obtain the highest index number 60.61. Meanwhile, Honda City won the highest index of 54.74 in the Small Sedan category.

Honda gives happiness drive based on the philosophy of Honda, The Three Joys, the Joy of Buying, Selling and Joy of the Joy of Creating on any new product launches.

"We are very happy with this award which also shows that consumers are very happy when driving with Honda products. We become more motivated to continue to provide happiness to customers, "said Jonfis Fandy, Marketing and After Sales Service Director of PT Honda Prospect Motor.

Honda Cars happiest in Indonesia
Driving Happiness Index figures involving 1,800 users and the motor car is the average result of a merger between the Index and the Index Level of Satisfaction Driving While Driving Emotion.
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