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Sunday, June 14, 2015

7 Features Connectivity Mandatory on your car!

Features Connectivity Mandatory on your car! - Fill the car can not only be merely filled with features simple in today. Some are increasingly echoed is how interactive technologies and supporting connectivity with wired and wireless formats.

7 Features Connectivity Mandatory on your car!

Some of the technologies and features are mandatory in a number of major car brands of the world. The use of a USB slot as well be one that simplify all users and consumers to be able to interact properly.

Features Connectivity Mandatory on your car

Here are some features that could be considered and 'standard' to choose a car. Some of it is a feature that is quite 'old' but still very worth to be an option, go here dah, Otolovers!

Features Connectivity Mandatory on your car

1. Slot USB

The use of the USB slot on cars is one way that the user can perform the connection between the car with its devices. One is the mobile phone. With the USB slot and that today's mobile devices already have the same slot in many brands.

Some basic activities that can be done using a combination of wired USB slot mobile data such as recharge, and move the track towards the car storage. USB slot is one medium that is the simplest and most easily seen existence.

2. Bluetooth

Bluetooth usage actually is one of the utilities are quite classical. Bluetooth is an old device that was born not too much of his time with the legendary infrared, on mobile devices the output of the 2000s.

Mechanism of Bluetooth devices which require cars and mobile phones to perform pairing, it could be a good security system. Besides Bluetooth can be useful to conduct hands-free voice command and to listen to music and phone.

3. Card Reader

Card reader device or memory card reader does not always exist in all brands of cars. In some cars the existence of these devices also exist, but rather a device called 'memory slot'.

Almost the same function on the car as it can be used via a data cable. Its main function is to read the data on the storage that is in the memory card. Songs, pictures and other devices.


DLNA is a fairly common feature is the car used by the consumer-owned telephone company to Apple, aka iPhone. DLNA stands for Digital Living Network Alliance is the mechanism for this is to use the wifi connection.

According as it is in function, DLNA is a device used to play the song, see photos and watch videos that exist on the iPhone mobile device owned by the driver.

5. Wireless Charger

These devices have started to bloom developed by the manufacturers of luxury cars made in recent years. Because perceived wireless charger allows recharge mobile devices without having complicated with wires that can make trouble.

Luxury cars so pioneers of the birth of this device, Alphard Vellfire and Lexus are some names that are keen to facilitate their cars with this device. So, even if located on a long journey, the mobile phone can remain lit for remaining in a charged condition.

6. NFC

Rather difficult to find a car with NFC technology Near Field Communication alias, because in fact this technology is more prevalent on the continent of sheep, rather than in Asia alone. Even some of Hyundai's cars have been installed with this technology.

At most, a feature of NFC several times found in Volvo and Volkswagen. This technology allows users to unlock the car using a smartphone possessed without using a key. So that the existence of fixed price so download the app to unlock the car.

7. Wifi

Almost the same as the use of bluetooth, wifi who later also became more widespread and portable hers require users to recognize each other. Pairing for the introduction of identity and IP address must be done before.

By using this device, users can watch youtube car or streaming after wifi device on the car 'paired' to gadgets. Browsing can be done after the process of tethering on the phone already done. Voila! Watching and browsing in the car can be done immediately.

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