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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Honda Freed Owners Have Indonesia Official Radio Communications Division

Honda Freed Owners Have Indonesia Official Radio Communications Division - Community Indonesia Honda Freed Owners (Hofos) held an event entitled "Meet Up Early 2016" followed by 100 more cars Freed. A total of 10 Chapter Hofos attended the event held at the Nature Tourism Cimahi, West Java, on Saturday (23/01).

"This is our first event in 2016. The goal is to encourage chapters Hofos for friendship. A total of 10 chapters present, namely East Jakarta, West Jakarta, South Jakarta, Bandung, Bekasi, Bogor, Cirebon, Solo, Tegal and Borneo," said Risman Hazali, Chairman of the steering committee.

On the same occasion, Hofos helped inaugurate its newest division Hofos Rakom (Radio Communication). This division will be in charge of radio communications Hofos community. "Hofos Rakom is a new division that oversees Hofos radio communications.

Where Rakom (radio communication) it is important for a community to the needs of convoys, traffic information or news, "he said. With this division, Hofos will have a radio channel specially who have obtained permission from the relevant institutions and Orari (organizations of the Radio Amateur Indonesia) ,

The communication can be done via radio or HT rig owned by members Hofos independently.

"Later we got their own channel to Rakom. So that's existing radio channel, Hofos later itself. The goal is simple anyway, wants to unite the whole chapter. Fellow members of different chapters can communicate through there," he explained.

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